Enroll anytime during the year. 

Covers entire family, regardless of size, for 12 consecutive months. 

AL does not require a cover school, enrollment is voluntary only.


Your only obligations will be:

  • Submit Church School Enrollment Form (provided by Honor School)
  • Keep attendance, but do not turn it in (see FAQ's)
  • Report absences (see FAQ's)


Honor School does not accept families and/or students who are truant


  • Legal covering
  • Church School Enrollment Form
  • Unlimited family members
  • Add individual options anytime

A one cent charge is required for verification purposes and will be refunded upon request.



  • Records Request
  • 15 minute consultation 
  • 2 emails with adviser
  • any 3 documents (excluding custom)


  • Basic & Standard benefits 
  • College dual-enrollment
  • Unlimited consultations
  • Unlimited documents (excluding custom)