About Us


We believe every moment spent with your family is important. That is why Honor School will never ask you to spend time filling out unnecessary forms or providing extra information. Only the minimum legal requirements are necessary.


Most everything you need can be handled in minutes online in the convenience of your own home. We have made using our cover school simple and straightforward so parents can focus on more important things: their children.


Honor School believes every homeschool family should have an affordable option if they choose to have a coverschool, regardless of their economic status or financial situation. We offer different levels of membership so you will never have to pay for services you do not need.


Our goal is to help meet your homeschooling needs in a fast, affordable, and simple way with the least amount of requirements. Families have many responsibilities and can benefit from having us take some of the load off. By filing forms for you, creating documents, keeping records, and more, we allow you to focus on your homeschooling and family. Let us worry about the administrative duties!

Coverschools are classified as church schools and are exempt from certain requirements that are imposed on traditional brick-and-mortar private schools.
Students transferring to another school may be subject to placement testing by that school. Homeschool high school credits may or may not be accepted based on test results. Homeschool students graduating with or without a coverschool should be aware that colleges and universities have their own prerequisites for acceptance, and it is the student's and/or parent's responsibility to ascertain them.