You do not have to be enrolled in Honor School to order documents.

Members may choose documents created on formal letterhead including

the official school seal and watermarks (when applicable).

Non-members should provide the name/address of their homeschool.

Please let us know by call or text if you need same-day service:


Whether you need to enroll right away, or need to get a document delivered to you quickly via emai.

Same-day service is offered to our paid members.  

Paid members click here:


  • Can be used for Driver's Licence
  • Can be used for Work Permit 


  • Records from previous school
  • Sent to parent


  • Teacher or Student
  • Your homeschool name or ours 


  • Traditional Style 
  • Modern Style


  • Simple Version
  • Expanded Version


  • Printable or Hard Copy
  • Your homeschool name or ours