Alabama's FREE Homeschool Cover

Giving families easy affordable options

Alabama does not require a coverschool; enrollment is strictly voluntary


Every family is unique and has different needs, so Honor School gives you options!

Whether you want the bare minimum or prefer more services, we have the perfect enrollment to fit your needs & budget.


Every service offered by a coverschool you can DIY for free. Families might choose to use a coverschool for many different reasons. We allow you to do so without unnecessary costs, requirements, or obligations.


Honor School offers same-day processing for many of our services. Even personalized documents  such as transcripts, IDs, and more can be sent to you via email ready for immediate printing.


  • Coverage for entire family at one low price
  • NO per-child fees, application fees, late fees, rush fees, hidden fees

  • Homeschool counseling & support

  • Record-keeping services

  • Easy electronic/online transactions

  • Memberships lasts 12 consecutive months

  • Enroll anytime of the year


  • Transcript
  • Report Card
  • Teacher ID
  • Student ID
  • Proof of Enrollment
  • Diploma
  • College Dual Enrollment Services
  • Social Security Verification Services
  • Annual Renewal Notifications
  • Enchanted Learning® Membership*
    *  a $20 value!

free Bronze enrollment

$20 Silver Enrollment

$50 gold Enrollment

Minimal Requirements

  • Submit enrollment form 
  • Keep attendance (see FAQ's)
  • Report absences (see FAQ's)
  • Renew annually

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