Alabama's Homeschool Cover School

Alabama does not require a cover school to homeschool. 

Some homeschool families prefer to be under an cover

school for many different reasons.

Honor School is the only free cover school in Alabama open to the public.

We allow you to choose how to educate your children without unnecessary costs and regulations.

Honor School meets all legal requirements for homeschool coverage in AL


  • Accepts any family with Alabama residence
  • 12 months of coverage
  • Same coverage as expensive cover schools
  • Never pay for services you do not want 
  • Minimal requirements for families
  • No oversight
  • Enroll any time of the year



You do not have to spend money to homeschool

Everything we offer can be done by yourself for free. 

Honor School believes every family in Alabama should have the opportunity to homeschool without unnecessary costs or obligations. 

The DIY page is a good place to start.

What we offer:

Basic covering is always free.

Honor School understands that each homeschool family is unique and has different needs.

We offer optional services for the smallest of fees to those who do not have the expertise, time, or desire to use the DIY options.  

Choose FREE basic coverage or opt for an annual package with helpful benefits 

Documents available to anyone regardless of location, affiliations, or lack of affiliations 

Advisers with decades of experience can help you work thru a variety of issues