Do I Qualify for Enrollment?



Families with current truancy issues cannot be enrolled. This applies to anyone in the household, not just the student being enrolled.


High school seniors, or students 17 and up, who are joining us for the first time will be enrolled on a case by case basis. Please call or email to inquire about getting approval.

Social Services

We do not enroll families who have an open case with social services (DHR, CPS, etc.) in any state. This applies to all members of the household, not just the student.


Parent and child must be legal residents of Alabama and both live at the same address. The home address must show on your enrollment and on your PayPal account. PO Boxes are not accepted.


Children can only be enrolled by a legal guardian. The guardian will be the homeschool teacher. If another person is teaching your student the majority of the time, please contact us for approval.


Debit and credit cards are accepted. All transactions are processed thru PayPal either as an account holder or guest. A verified* PayPal account is required for Bronze enrollments (not Gold or Silver). 
*Contact PayPal directly about obtaining a verified account.