Withdrawing from traditional school is a simple but important step. If your child is currently enrolled in a school, you must withdraw them so they will not be considered absent when you begin homeschooling.


Knowing your rights and responsibilities at this step is also important. The school employees might not encounter homeschooling often, so it is understandable that they not know every detail. The responsibility for knowing how to begin homeschooling ultimately falls on the parent.


Only a legal guardian should withdraw a child from school. Honor School cannot do this step on a parent's behalf, but we can help if you have questions.


Any time a parent chooses to withdraw a child from a school is allowed. It can be done for any reason and approval or permission is not needed*. 

*approval is strongly recommended in cases of truancy, social services, or custody


The school  where student is enrolled should supply you with a withdrawal form upon request. Fill it out and return it to that same school. It is advisable to keep a copy for your own records.