• When can I enroll? Anytime. Homeschool families do not always follow traditional school schedules; we accept new members any time of the year.
  • What happens after I enroll? You will receive a welcome letter via email with more details, plus a church school enrollment form to be turned in to your local school system.
  • Will I have less coverage than I get from an expensive cover school? No. AL has only one level of homeschool coverage. Honor School gives you the exact same amount of legal coverage as any other cover school.
  • Is it true that I do not have to be under a cover school at all? Yes. AL does not require covers as of 2014. In fact,  becoming your own private homeschool is easier and requires less reporting than using a cover.
  • Is Honor School religious or secular? We are a neutral cover school that does not endorse or exclude any particular religion or lack of religion.
  • Is Honor School a 'church-school'? Yes. The only way to established a cover school is with a church sponsor. 
  • What church is Honor School under? Honor Assembly
  • Do I to turn in grades? No. The decision to grade and/or keep records is made by each individual family.
  • Do I keep attendance? Yes. The state requires the primary teacher (aka parent) to keep attendance, but does not require it to be turned-in to anyone.
  • How do I keep attendance? Whether it is a detailed spreadsheet or check-marks on a calendar, it is your choice
  • Do I turn in attendance? No. We do not collect or keep records of attendance unless you have absences.
  • Absences? AL requires that homeschoolers report absences if they use a cover school, and the cover must report them to the state. If your child is ever absent from homeschool, please find them first, then report the absence to us.
  • How many days per year are required? None. Honor School does not regulate your number of homeschool days, nor does the state.

Additional Questions?