Do It Yourself

Homeschooling parents are known for being accomplished do-it-yourselfers. After all, we are undertaking one of the most enormous and significant of all DIY projects: educating our children!

  Homeschool does not have to be expensive. Everything offered on this site can be done by you, without cost or assistance, if you devote the time and effort. Here are some links to help get you started.

Alabama Legal

No Cover Needed

It is not necessary to have a cover school if you live in Alabama. Changes in our laws took place in 2014 allowing anyone to become their own private homeschool.
It is the simplest, cheapest way to homeschool, with the least amount of reporting.

You do not need a church and will not have any governmental oversight.

For instructions and accurate up-to-date information:


A homeschool parent takes on the role of teacher, principal, attendance officer, secretary, etc. It is your right and responsibility to supply any necessary forms such as proof of enrollment, report card, diploma, etc. An internet search is an excellent resource for finding templates. Here are some current* links for creating documents yourself for free:

Advice & Support

Honor School encourages open exchange of knowledge whenever possible. Information sharing enriches both the giver and receiver.
Social media has become a powerful and commonly used tool for homeschoolers to exchange know-how for free in a real-time setting.

Here are some places we recommend:

*If you find one of these links is no longer valid, please take a minute to email and let us know