Every family is unique and can benefit from individual guidance. Enjoy the security of having over 30yrs of knowledge and experience at your fingertips. Whether you need an advocate or an adviser, you can request email assistance, phone consultation, or a video conference. We can make recommendations on how to handle specific situations, explain your options, and even make phone calls on your behalf. 

Common Topics

  • How to start homeschooling: where to begin
  • Choosing Curriculum: endless possibilities 
  • Dealing with officials: public school, DMV, truancy
  • State laws: understanding the rules and where to find them
  • Preparing for college: dual-enrollment, transcripts, credits
  • De-schooling: what is it? how long?
  • Unschooling: how-to, legalities
  • Divorce/custody: things to consider


  • 2 emails with adviser
  • Any topics covered



  • 15 minute consultation 
  • Phone or video chat


  • Unlimited emails with adviser
  • Two 15 minute consultations